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The Boston Queer Club is a nonprofit organization working to reinvigorate the queer college-aged community of Boston with a modern sense of LGBTQ Pride. Our goal is to provide spaces for queer individuals and allies to come together, meet one another and have fun, creating change in the queer community by merely exposing the depth of it.

We are event organizers, offering accessible, in-person and LGBTQ-safe social opportunities. By hosting regular social activities, we aim to break down stigmas and stereotypes associated with the LGBTQ community, while promoting individual pride and authenticity. Our mission is to foster inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging within the broader Boston community.

Upcoming Events


Pay to play - In order to access the club and its events, members must commit to playing by our rules. That all happens in the Pink Promise.

The Pink Promise

The Pink Promise is a commitment members make to each other and we make to our members. In order to become a Boston Queer Club member, individuals must sign a universal promise of respect to the community, the self and the organization. The outward sign of that promise is the pink nail. Whether walking down the street, sitting in class or enjoying a BQC event, members can find comfort in knowing that they are surrounded by a community committed to respect, all manifested in the pink nail. In return, members receive exclusive benefits at BQC events such as ticket discounts, free merchandise and so much more. 


A purpose-driven social club inspired by the diversely built, socially dependent queer collegiate communities that form our Boston neighborhoods.

Our Mission

The Boston Queer Club aims to provide a safe and supportive community where LGBTQ young adults in the greater Boston area can come together, build meaningful relationships and embrace individual pride. Through regular social events and activities in the greater Boston area, we aim to create a sense of belonging, promote inclusivity, and empower our members to live authentically. By breaking down stigmas and stereotypes, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQ students and the broader community, fostering a sense of individual pride and acceptance.

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